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Featured abstract expressionism art

Featured abstract expressionism art

Looking for an amazing piece of original art to hang on your wall?

Abstract Expressionism is an artistic movement that developed in post-World War II New York City. It was known as the first truly American movement and it was also one of the most controversial styles during its time. If you’re looking for something bold, modern, and unique to add to your home or office then look no further than this collection of abstract expressionist paintings.

You can find everything from vibrant colors and energetic brushstrokes to more subtle tones and textures within these pieces. Each painting has been carefully selected by our team so we know they will be perfect additions to any space. We offer free shipping worldwide so you can get them fast! Also included with every purchase is a certificate of authenticity so you know exactly what you are buying before making a final decision. Don’t wait – buy now!

Click here right now to browse our entire selection of original abstract expressionist paintings by Ian Maguire!
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